About Us

About Us

Saint E was founded to bring luxury fashion design ideas into life and give everyone the freedom of having on whatever they want without a second thought. Because we believe that you cannot realize yourself with hesitations, well-accepted criticism or any kind of fear. We strictly stand up for everybody who focuses on their own path to the future rather than things left behind. There’s a long way ahead and our whole team is on your side along the journey.

Like everything we do, our story was started as an idea of two sisters in 2017. Today, Saint E is a global luxury brand that never follows global standards but sets its own ones. We’ve always had the same motive from the very beginning; Break the ordinary fashion rules and lead people to an alternative future of apparel.

To make it happen, we completed a long research period, found the highest quality of materials and used the best methods to form them. Hereby our modern, progressive designs have been shaped with ingenuity.



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